Penguins have been my favourite animals for years. Perhaps I love them because they are very similar to me: small, roundish,, with short legs and hungry all the time. I’m fascinated by these little birds that raise their children under extreme conditions.

Somehow one day I started to collect penguins. First there was only some plush – pengos. Then books, posters, all kinds of figurines and different sorts of decor have been added.

Friends and relatives were informed and from that day they never had problems to find gifts for birthdays or christmas. It’s really unbelievable how many different penguin things you can find.

Now I own a considerable collection of 1000 different penguins. Additional many video – tapes, software and literature. where is the fish ???After the renovation of our house the pengos got their own room – the “pengoseum”. so there is many place for new items in the collection. I don´t select  my treasures by worth, I´m glad about every piece which contains a penguin, even a piece of newspaper which I can put in my archieve. Perhaps you like to have a look in  your cupboard and your shelves and perhaps you find some penguiny which you don´t need anymore ?????

Since 09/05/1999 I own an award. A penguiny one of course.

An interesting address for penguin friends is the Philip Island Penguin Parade in Australia. Otherwise in the internet there  are thousands of links,  leading you to penguin – pages. Only the word ”penguin”€ in a search engine provides every penguin – friend hours of surfing an me in former modem times an astronomic telephone bill.

If you are interested in penguins or if you collect them too, please send me an e-mail. I´m looking for other penguin – collectors and friends and I´m happy about every message.

And I’m always interested in penguin stuff I don’t own yet.

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