Many “sensible” people can´t stop shaking their heads or screaming in horror by looking at this bike. But people, who can laugh about themselves and the world are not able to stop grinning after a while. It´s interesting, because every time you look on it you can discover new things.

The name ratbike bases on an american definition. As a “rat – bike” or just short “rat” a bike is defined, which is as ugly for the most people like the all well known animal. A ratbike is  going to be ridden, ther´s no time or place to clean and polish it. Polishing is the greatest sin, you can do to such a bike! This bike looks like it had survived different wars, but the  engine functions well (for the most time). All I can say is: Don´t think about the outer appearance, look for inner worth!

Ratbike – riders are as individual as their machines and can´t be put in any scheme. Everybody of them creates his/her own rat individually. No two rats are the same. But this artwork is never finished. Often you loose some things on the road, find new items for decoration or they are given to you. A rat has it´s own life and a never ending evolution.

Especially the seat must be mentioned, it was taken from an old tractor. Also  the Henschel – truck – headlight, the pile of shit on the front fender and various  rubber figures and bones.

O k , you have to be a little bit crazy if you are – as a woman – on the road wit this vehicle every day. And it´s usual that often people talk to me and ask for making  photos.

And especially our police officers are regulary interested in this excellent neat bike.  

But up to now, I´ve never had big  trouble wit the bike or the police. All important parts are legal and the papers of the bike are ok. Every two years the “rat” is taken to the german car check, according to the regulations in germany.  And for driving secure, I regulary control tyres, light and brakes. I may be strange, but I don´t want to commit suicide!!! 

For myself my rat is part of my life-philosophy. You ride a rat or you don’t. love it or hate it, but nothing in between. Perhaps in one way, I’m a kind of anarchist. Every time when I park my rat next to a new, chrome glittering and high polished bike I start grinning. That’S the best way to show the contrast between bikes and teir riders. and three guesses on which bbike people will have a look???

Sure there’s so much more I could tell about ratbikes.And there are so different opinions. I would be happy about every kind of message, whether it’S friendly or critical. Message to Dodo?

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